On October 9, 1966, 113 members from First English Lutheran Church transferred their memberships to Christ the Victor, as a mission congregation on 202 Stanly Road. While the first worship services were held in the American Legion Hall, the congregation was soon off and running, calling their first pastor, The Reverend John Onda, forming a council, and proposing a constitution by December 11, 1966.

Eager for a place of their own, in which to worship and study God's Word, construction began on the current sanctuary. This building was dedicated on May 28, 1967, and was already followed by future plans to build an education building. The following years saw two new pastors called: The Reverend Donald Boyd, and The Reverend Rodney Maeker, during whose time, those future building plans took fruition. On October 30, 1977, a new wing of classrooms, a pastor's office, and a library were dedicated to the service of God.

The calling of their fourth pastor, The Reverend Louis Flessner, saw the building for the current Fellowship Hall, the purchasing of a pipe organ, and the implementation of a second service, The Gathering. In 1989, The Reverend Daniel Zellmer was called as pastor, and his leadership of 14 years saw an established high school room in the Fellowship Hall, and the formation of several small fellowship groups. The Reverend Arthur Lowe was called in 2004, and his time is marked by the lighted cross and sign that make Christ the Victor more visible from Navarro street, as well as lending to the motto of "Christ the Victor Lutheran Church, where the light of the cross always shines."

Pastor Amy (Danchik) Stewart began ministry at Christ the Victor in 2009 and served until 2013 at which time she married and moved to Missouri. During her time with with Christ the Victor a garden was constructed and several fruit trees added to the landscape.  Pastor Amy was ordained in 2008 and served Christ the Victor as her first call as the youngest female lead pastor in Victoria at that time.

The eighth and current pastor is The Reverend Cheryl Kester-Schmidt, who began serving this, her second call, in September 2014. During her service the sacristy was constructed in a special area near the recently remodeled narthex. A new sound area has been added as well as numerous technology additions.